Cancer changed the way I photograph

Cancer literally changed the way I photograph I am learning to see the world and people through a set of different eyes. I have prayed for a long time, that God allow me to see the pictures he wants me to take, and to take them the way he would see them. I didn’t know it would take me getting Cervical Cancer to have that prayer answered. Cancer literally changed to way I photograph. The Coleman family had no idea going into their photo session that I was seeing a lot more clear.     I began their photography session


What they didn’t tell you about becoming a new mom

  New Mom Becoming a new mom is one of the most mind-blowing experiences that we will experience in our lifetime.  This time can also be emotional, sleepless, hormonal, overwhelming, joyful, astounding, and the list goes on. Most likely as a new mom, you will have so many people offering you advice and telling you what “they did”. This can be bittersweet. Before you get down on yourself, please know there is NO answer to perfect mothering, and there is NO perfect mom or parent.   From The Outside In This last year I became a new Aunt to a


Photography Tips DSLR Camera

Photography Tips DSLR Camera With Christmas right around the corner many of you might be getting a beautiful new DSLR camera from Santa.  Super exciting, right? But there is so many options, buttons and so much to learn. I wanted to share with you, some tips someone shared with me over eight years ago. Advice from a Professional  One of the first workshops I took, was from Mark Wallace locally in Tempe, AZ. It was an in-person and hands-on workshop. He is an incredible instructor and photographer. I was fortunate enough to take a hands on workshop from him locally



Hi there, I am Melissa. We moved to Arizona when I was five years old, so I consider myself a desert native. I am the mother of three wonderful children, a wife to an amazingly loving and extremely intelligent man, and a lover of animals. (We live on a small farm) I am the proud pet owner of a Chocolate Lab, miniature wiener dog, 26 chickens, 2 goats, a horse, and a miniature horse named Switch. Photography has always been a passion of mine, and 13 years ago I was able to form a successful small business doing what I love. I feel so blessed that God gave me this gift that I can pass along to others and bless them with.