Six month baby Sage Photography session

Six month baby Sage Photography session

I know I have said this before, but I adore photographing six-month-old babies. It is probably one of my favorite ages. At six months they have started to develop such an incredible personality. You can see a sense of wonder in their eyes, and they are so sweet and innocent. The smiles and giggles I get over a simple game of peek- a –boo is spectacular.Sage ( this sweet baby in the photos) is such a doll. I had the honor of photographing her as a newborn, and having her come back at six months and see the change from newborn to baby is simply incredible. I always feel blessed to have such great returning clients.

As babies grow they learn so many new exciting things. At six months I find that a lot of the babies that come to me to be photographed are sitting up, lifting their head up on their tummy, rolling around like a rollie pollie grabbing their cute little baby toes, again lots of giggles and lots of smiles. They have all been awake, alert, and will sit and let me play with my camera for about 30 minutes. As they gain their independence and grow getting them to sit and smile for long periods of time becomes a little more challenging. The 30 minute window allows me to photograph all of these fun, exciting, new things they are learning and give them back to parents in a form of a picture that will last forever. Having these milestones are priceless.

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six month old
sweet baby
baby girl
SIx month old baby sitting up on cream backdrop
Six month old smiling
dad and baby
Dad and his six month old
family photo
Mom , dad, and six month old baby

Sage seven

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