Phoenix Pregnancy and Maternity Pictures

Phoenix Pregnancy and Maternity Pictures

I love this pose for maternity & white lace gown for a beautiful timeless photo. Black and white photography


I love meeting new expecting mom’s here in Phoenix and taking their Pregnancy and Maternity Pictures. So many beautiful inspiring glowing women! In the last several days I have had several clients contact me asking if I have heard of belly casts and how they could get their hands on one before they are expecting their little one to arrive. Belly casts have actually been around for several years, but after some recent articles about an amazing photographer in the UK and her belly cast art, it seems to be hitting many expecting mothers Facebook Newsfeed’s and causing an exciting stir. Jocelyn Conway of PhotoJos Photography  is amazing with her belly casting baby pictures photography and I highly recommend you check out her work  she has recently been featured in these articles here regarding her  gorgeous portraiture. Ana Brandt of Belly Baby Love also does belly cast photography and has a great behind the scenes video here.

Pregnancy and Maternity Pictures phoenix

A belly cast is done at the time mom is pregnant with baby in belly, and  the cast is then formed around the belly, making a mold of the pregnant belly. Once the baby is born the mom will bring the cast along for the newborn photography session. The baby is then posed inside the cast, which brings to life what your baby looked like inside your womb. It is really quite beautiful timeless way to document your newborn and just how tiny they are.  Belly casts are best done between 33 and 36 weeks. I have also seen mom’s turn they’re belly casts into decor that is hung in their babies nursery.  Maternity Keepsakes, Belly’s, bums and & more offers casting and they decorate your cast as well and they are local here in Phoenix.

I love this pose for maternity & white lace gown for a beautiful timeless photo.

With that said and the amount of calls I have been getting over belly casting, I will be offering a free belly cast kit to mom’s booking a maternity & newborn session with me, as well as 25 baby announcements for when baby arrives. I am currently booking Maternity & Newborn sessions for July through December for more information click here. 

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