Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Award-winning newborn photography, photographer Melissa Donaldson specializes in creating timeless newborn pictures in the Phoenix area. Capture those small delicate features you’ll want to remember forever. Your new baby will only be this small for so long. As a mother of three, Melissa understands how important all those small details are and how quickly they grow. Her aspiration is to create classic memories for you as mothers and fathers that last your lifetime. Those pictures will continue to create memories for your baby, as she/he grows up in such short of a time. Being there for when he/she wants to reflect on their past. And eventually, your babies’ children will enjoy looking back on this precious time in their parent’s past.

As a mother of three, I remember what it was like being a new mother. The flood of emotions, mostly from excitement and lack of sleep. I will never forget what it felt like to hold my brand-new baby in my arms, how tiny and fragile they were. I relished in every single small detail, from their incredibly small little fingernails, and their smooth, soft baby skin, all the way down to their itty-bitty toes, oh I love baby toes. I also remember wanting nothing more than to keep those memories in my heart forever and make sure the memories didn’t fade. That my babies always felt loved, safe, and protected.

When choosing and researching baby pictures & photography, newborn safety is the most important things that I practice. I have taken countless workshops, hands-on training, baby safety classes, as well as distance learning to make sure that you feel comfortable with me handling your new baby every step of the way. Baby safety and well-being is in addition to my photography credentials which include studying at the Academy of Arts University bachelors’ program in photography, numerous professional photography classes, and workshops, and teaching fellow photographers and peer groups. For more information on newborn baby sessions please click here.