Arizona baby photography, Katie

Arizona baby photography, Katie Super excited when sweet Katie came to see me here at my studio in Gilbert, AZ. Absolutely loved photographing this sweet baby. She came to me fresh and new 15 days new. She was extremely alert, and when she would open her eyes and look at me she made some of the cutest faces, and already has so much personality.  Every time I held little Katie when she was awake, she would stare right up at me. SO adorable, nothing like hugging a sweet newborn. We got some great images of her, and some beautiful images


Harper, baby session Chandler Arizona

Harper, baby session Chandler Arizona   Oh my adorableness! One year old baby Harper came to visit me here in Chandler, AZ. All the way from Page, AZ. We had a fantastic photography session! Yes, this really happened! I have not seen this little doll for a year, I photographed her as a newborn. I use her a lot in my portfolio and on my Facebook timeline. I posted an image for you below. She is the smiliest little squish. She only gave me two pictures without smiles, 1. One with her sticking her tongue out at me, and 2.


Newborn photographer, Chandler

Newborn photographer, Chandler I love being a newborn photographer. Little itty bitty Caden came to my studio in Chandler/Gilbert to be photographed at just a few days new. There is nothing better in this world then to hold a new baby, to smell their new baby skin, and to have them curl up so warm and tiny in your arms. Caden was such a good baby and such a little peanut! He slept through almost his entire session, such a great newborn. I was excited when mom contacted me and let me know she was bringing Caden’s big sister. She


Gilbert Family photographer, Brennan

Gilbert Family photographer, Brennan The Brennan family is simply adorable, I photographed them here in Gilbert. Let me say I was so excited to be their photographer. Dad came wearing his wranglers and cowboy boots, mom was a total doll, and Wyatt… Well, just look at him. Those baby blues and his big smile, ADORABLE! At first he was really standoffish with me, but by the end of the session he would smile at me, and then burry his head in his dads shirt collar and hide like he was flirting. This was my first year as the Brennan family



Hi there, I am Melissa. We moved to Arizona when I was five years old, so I consider myself a desert native. I am the mother of three wonderful children, a wife to an amazingly loving and extremely intelligent man, and a lover of animals. (We live on a small farm) I am the proud pet owner of a Chocolate Lab, miniature wiener dog, 26 chickens, 2 goats, a horse, and a miniature horse named Switch. Photography has always been a passion of mine, and 13 years ago I was able to form a successful small business doing what I love. I feel so blessed that God gave me this gift that I can pass along to others and bless them with.