Baby Photography, Chandler Gilbert

Baby Photography in my Chandler Gilbert Studio I absolutely love baby photography in Chandler Gilbert it by far is my favorite genre to photograph here in my Chandler/Gilbert studio.  I have had so many incredible little people here lately, it truly has been a blessing.It is always great to get to watch families and babies grow. Most of my clients commission me during their pregnancy for maternity photographs. Then I get to photograph these little, itty bitty, heaven sent angels once they are born. After newborn photographs, there is about six months that pass before they come back to see


Back to School Photography Mini Sessions

Back to School Photography Mini Sessions The start of back to school minis I am so excited to announce that I found a date for “Back to School Photography Mini Sessions”! This idea started 3 years ago when my daughter was entering her first year of preschool. I wanted to do a cute modern back to school picture of her. She was little, cute, tiny, and very nervous to start school! I wanted an image that would stand out and remind me just how precious that time was.   1st grade 2016-2017 Inspiration I had a ton of ideas in mind. I collected


Family fall mini photography session Chandler Gilbert

Family fall mini photography session Chandler Gilbert Can you believe that we are coming to the end of July? Even Harper can’t believe it. Yes it it that time again, Christmas in July! It is time to start booking your family fall mini photography session. Family mini special flier is at the bottom of this article and is offered in Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa. Please make sure to read through this all!   I have already had several returning customers contact me and book their family session in November, so dates in November are already very limited. The great part


Newborn baby session give away Military families

Newborn baby session give away Military families Going Personal… So I am going to get a little personal here, and share a bit about myself and my family. Before posting details about the newborn baby session giveaway for Military families.  Almost a year ago my son Jacob joined the United States Army. As a mother, I could not be more proud of my son for his choice. And as a mother, I also was sad, scared, worried, and afraid; this was my baby boy. He graduated high school at the end of May, and left at the beginning of July. Last summer



Hi there, I am Melissa. We moved to Arizona when I was five years old, so I consider myself a desert native. I am the mother of three wonderful children, a wife to an amazingly loving and extremely intelligent man, and a lover of animals. (We live on a small farm) I am the proud pet owner of a Chocolate Lab, miniature wiener dog, 26 chickens, 2 goats, a horse, and a miniature horse named Switch. Photography has always been a passion of mine, and 13 years ago I was able to form a successful small business doing what I love. I feel so blessed that God gave me this gift that I can pass along to others and bless them with.