Baby Photography, Chandler Gilbert

Baby Photography in my Chandler Gilbert Studio

I absolutely love baby photography in Chandler Gilbert it by far is my favorite genre to photograph here in my Chandler/Gilbert studio.  I have had so many incredible little people here lately, it truly has been a blessing.It is always great to get to watch families and babies grow. Most of my clients commission me during their pregnancy for maternity photographs. Then I get to photograph these little, itty bitty, heaven sent angels once they are born. After newborn photographs, there is about six months that pass before they come back to see me,and then again at a year.  

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I love all the milestones, but something magical happens when babies are around that six month age. They develop these amazing personalities. They laugh, and giggle, and roll around grabbing their tiny squishy feet. Most of the time they are sitting up or just starting to sit up, they babble, blow bubbles, make funny noises, or starting to try to talk. My gosh they make my day, I could sit and play with babies all day long, Who doesn’t love a smiley, squishy, happy baby?

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This year I have also had a lot of new clients, and I am meeting new families. I am so incredibly excited to meet little Dallas, and his family, and I am super excited to photograph them again this fall. So this little guy was such a sport. We posed him nude,( baby squishy legs are my favorite) then put him in a romper, and in a bucket, then another romper, then in a buggy,  then nude again, then another outfit. That is a lot of wardrobe changes and he was a total trooper! We were able to capture some really adorable moments for him and his family. I love that mom wanted to keep it real and that she loved the this family photograph. It’s raw and honest, it’s real life. This family was a hoot, love them!

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I love the hooded romper he is wearing from Mae Marie Craftery as well as the dark brown romper from Lemon & Pearl Design. These colors look fantastic on just about any six month to a year old baby. The cowboy hat in his birthday suit, priceless. And yes we did the cowboy hat just because his name was Dallas, rather fitting wouldn’t you agree?

baby photography little cowboy six months oldbaby photography little cowboy six months oldbaby photography little cowboy six months old

six month old baby sitting up photography arizona
Mae Marie Craftery romper
Six month baby photography arizona
Lemon & Pearl Designs Romper

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Baby sitting in a chair photographs

mom and her two girls

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